Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition in which the affected person starts losing hair on his head and eventually becomes bald. Hair loss happens in both males and females. Hair loss usually starts with thinning of the hair and then slowly but steadily the person starts losing hair. Hair loss can happen because of many other reasons such as prolonged illness, hormone disorders, during pregnancy or in course of anti cancer treatment.

During illness, there is a lot of stress on the affected person which can lead to hair loss but this hair loss is temporary and disappears as soon as the person regains fitness. Hair loss can also occur due to hormonal imbalance. In hormonal imbalance, thyroid gland becomes overactive or underactive, which leads to excess or depletion of hormones in the body, in such a condition hair loss starts. But this condition can be treated by treating the thyroid gland.

Our hair are not permanent hair grow and fall out after sometime. this is a kind of cycle, in which, old hair fall and new ones take their place. During pregnancy, there is excess of hormones in the body and because of this this cycle of hair loss and growing out can get disrupted. As a result, body can lose out hair very quickly or there may be hair loss some months after pregnancy. Hair loss occurs during treatment as well. Different kinds of drugs have different effects on the body. Medicines that can possibly cause hair loss are blood thinners, anti depression drugs, medicines used in chemotherapy to treat cancer and sometimes even birth control pills.Hair loss can also take place with the use of different chemicals used in dyes or hair colors. These chemicals are used to dye the hair in the way in which the user desires but these chemicals actually damage the scalp. The chemicals used in bleaches and permanents cam cause inflammation of the scalp and result in hair loss.

Hair loss is basically of two types: one found in men and the other, found in women. In men, hair loss is inherited. In certain cases, men started losing their hair at an early age and this hair loss continues until they are completely bald. In men, hair loss results in a shrinking hair line and baldness on the top of the head. But in women, hair become thinner than usual over the entire scalp of the head.
Treatments are available depending on the type of hair loss that one has. If some medicine is leading to hair loss, that medicine can be replaced with some other. Hormone imbalances can also be treated by using different medicines which can prevent further hair loss. Similarly, if there is an infection, diagnosing it early can also help prevent hair loss. Several medicines are available in the market which can be used directly without any prescription but these medicines can take several months for the results to be visible. However, if proper treatment is not there, one can also opt for different hairstyle or artificial hair replacement .