Hair Styling Tips

The world that we live in is addicted to beauty. Everyone wants to look better than the other person. Hairs also form an important part of our personality, like the rest of our body. Our appearance attracts people around us and people get influenced by the way we look and dress. Hair is a symbol of beauty and acts as an expression of our personality. Hairs make us feel and look good. To look as a well groomed and fashionable human being our hair need to look good. Hairs play a very important role for women because appearance makes a whole lot of difference to the way women are judged. During job interviews, the employers judge by the looks of the candidate if he/she is the perfect candidate, so to make an impression the hair should be in perfect condition.

All of us feel wonderful when our hairstyle looks good. But only some of us take care of our hair properly. Dirt, oil, debris damage the hair everyday but they are washed away as the lather is washed away. Every day we blow our hair dry and curl them to make them look great. But all this damages our hair very badly and leaves them in a sorry state. Damaged hair tends to break up which leads to split ends. Hairs are very sensitive and need to be taken care of very gently. Over washing of hair, excessive shampooing and vigorous rubbing of the scalp damage the outer layer of the hair which eventually leads to hair breakage. Hair should be washed very carefully and conditioners should be made use of keep them healthy.

Hairs tend to get damaged and even break up, when they are exposed to high heat. The outer layer, which protects the inner membrane, tends to break off and exposes the delicate layer from within. The hairs break up very easily when the outer protecting layer is missing. Hairs lose their shine, smoothness and become dull when the outer layer is missing. To avoid damaging the outer layer, care should be taken never to blow dry hair drenched in water. Wet hair can’t take the heat. When drying hair should be squeezed gently with a towel and not rubbed. When shampooing on a daily basis, care should be taken to use good conditioner. Hair should be blown in only one direction, drying hair from all directions leads to tight curls.
Blower should be turned off, when hair is almost dry and then brushed lightly to style it.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is using hair dyes, flat irons and relaxing agents too often. These products aren’t bad until not used in excess but people don’t take enough precautions and end up damaging hair to the point of no return. But this is not the only reason, rubber bands around pony tails can also damage the hair. Too tight ponytails or anything that puts strain on the hair damages the hair and can even pull the hair out.