Bun Hairstyle, Pictures

For the women with long hair, the bun hairstyle is suitable as it makes the hairdo look tidy and also reduces the damages to the hair. In a bun hairstyle, the long hair is pulled back and they are either twisted or arranged in a plait and then the wrapping of the hair is done in a coil like structure and then the entire structure is kept in place with the help of hair pins and hair nets. The buns can be made informally and also made decoratively and neatly for any special occasion. Males in certain professions especially the Samurais do make buns with their hair. At home, the women with long hair do keep making loose or informal buns to keep the hair less messy. Bun hairstyle is used by the ballet dancers very frequently. Using the hairnets and bobby pins make the buns look neat, presentable and keep them tight. Even some years back bun hairstyle used to be quite common but in the recent days it is used with some special dresses for special occasions only.

Center Bun

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Embedded Top Knot

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Easy Bun Hairstyle

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Easy Bun Hairstyle-1ra33

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Stylish Top Knot Hairstyle

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Stylish Top Knot Hairstyle-1ra114

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Undone Bun

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Undone Bun-1ra118

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Bun Hairstyle

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Stylish Bun

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Messy Bun

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Messy Bun Hairstyle

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Messy Bun Hairstyle-1ra77

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Low Chignon for Bob Haircut

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Low Chignon for Bob Haircut-1ra75

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