Straightening Of Hairs

Straightening of hair is a process with which one can make his hair silky, smooth and easy to manage. Hair straightening can help make curly and wavy hair, smooth and straight.

One of the best ways to straighten hair is to grow them long. Growing hair long actually helps them stay straight. The weight of the hair makes the hair stretch alongside its length. Long hairs stay straight with only the ends being curly giving them a wonderful look. But in some cases, very curly hairs stay curly even when long. Other methods of making hair straight include straightening them chemically, ironing the hair and bonding of hair.

One of the easiest ways to straighten hair is with use of chemicals. In straightening hair chemically, chemicals are used to straighten hair, but once done one can just blow them dry at home after taking bath. But care needs to be taken that hair should be blown dry in portions and not altogether. Good dryers are available in the market which provides good results for straightening hair.

One of the other means for straightening the hair is ironing of hair. If one desires hairs that are as straight as an arrow, that person should try ironing of hair. However, this process is very harsh on the hair and one should avoid other treatments that make use of chemicals such as hair colors. Ironing of hair is easier to do than blow drying. Hair should be trimmed regularly to avoid split ends and maintain healthy looking hair. If longer looking hairs are desired, then ironing of hair at the ends should be avoided. This will keep the ends healthy enabling oneself to grow hair more long. Special hair irons are available these days, which are less harsh on hair and are more effective. Steam irons serve this purpose as well.

One of the latest methods of straightening of hair is chemical straightening. This is a permanent method and hairs that are treated with this method cannot be brought back to their original shade. This method of straightening yields best results when done on hair that have not been treated with any kind of chemical. Hair need not be blown dry after every wash. Hair that are straightened using this method stay straight for life and new hair can be re straightened by means of touch ups. Touch ups depend on the growth rate of hair but they are necessary every 4 to 6 months.

Straightening with this method makes the hair completely straight without any curl. Hair can be just blown dry for any style that one desires. But hairs that have been treated with this process require special care as well. Conditioners, creams and shampoos rich in protein are required to maintain the look. Proteins and moisture are essential for this kind of hair. Hairs that are not taken care of become dull and prone to breakage. Maintaining silky smooth hair is as important as having them straightened and it requires special effort to keep hair full of life