Bob Hairstyles, Pictures

The Bob hairstyle was first of all famous in the 1920s when women started cutting their hair short. These hairstyles come in various sizes and shapes. At the level of jaw around the scalp, these hairstyles are generally cut. This hair cut is managed easily by women and is suitable for any type of face and hair textures.

Bob Haircut

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Bob Haircut-1ra10

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Bob Haircut for Older Women

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Bob Haircut for Older Women-1ra9

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Bob Hairstyle for Men

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Bob Hairstyle for Men-1ra11

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Side Swept Short Hairstyle

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Side Swept Short Hairstyle-1ra111

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Black Bob Hair

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Black Bob Hair-1ra7

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Short Celebrity Hairstyle

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Short Celebrity Hairstyle-1ra97

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Side Swept Bob

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Side Swept Bob-1ra109

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Trendy Bob Hairstyle

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Trendy Bob Hairstyle-1ra116

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Long Bob

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Long Bob-1ra68

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Stylish Bob 1970s Hairstyle

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Stylish Bob 1970s Hairstyle

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